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Hydroblasting & Tank Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is the core of what we do, so servicing tanks and vessels is one of our specialties. With the combination of our years of experience, & superior project management, we deliver the most cost-effective service available. Reducing cleaning time reduces your costs. Reducing hazards enables a reduction in labor hours. When we arrive at your jobsite with state of the art vacuum trucks, with the ultra-powerful pumps and armed with hydroblasting cleaning technology, you will know that you have put your project into the best hands.

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Wet & Dry Vacuuming

A vacuum truck is an industrial cleanup necessity. We are a premier industrial and specialty cleaning company. We maintain vehicles for wet and dry removal; to safely pump away excavation dirt; vacuum debris from hydroblast cleaning; and safely collect sewage, wastewater or contaminated ground cover. When hydroblasting for high pressure cleaning, the ability to blast and vacuum away the debris means a much cleaner job site, elimination of residue, & enhanced ability to safely dispose of the deposits & paint that were removed. 

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Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting

Tough, hazardous and contaminated materials can be safely removed from any kind of surfaces with Ultra High Pressure water blasting. It is fast, efficient and the most ecological process. It uses no chemicals & no abrasives - only water at ultra high pressures. With Ultra High Power water blasting, no potentially contaminated dust particles is released into the air, which is most important when dealing with highly hazardous contaminants. Ultra High Pressure water blasting is a widely used process for the removal of material, coating or contamination from surfaces.

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Unplanned emergencies and extended outages to clean plant equipment can dramatically impact operations, maintenance support activities and costs. Bayport Industrial Services has a great reputation of providing dependable, safe and creative outcomes from planning through execution to minimize downtime and ensure seamless performance.

We have a history of providing even the toughest industrial cleaning services with the utmost quality and efficiency. We put your organization’s goals and objectives first, always aiming for on-time, on-budget delivery with as little downtime as possible, while still keeping safety as a a top priority. 



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